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About Snowfall

Snowfall Publications is a publication company devoted to creating therapeutic moments in difficult days through high quality children's books.

Our books engage kids and their families at their core, and specialize in handling emotional topics with care, accuracy, and heartwarming rhyme.

Author and founder Erin Winters is a Licensed Professional Counselor with clinical experience in hospital, intensive in-home, and outpatient settings.


"[When a Donut Goes to Therapy] describes exactly what will happen when kids begin therapy in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way, and it explains some of your feelings too - all you need to know for this important time in your life. The donut theme is adorable and fun, I love how it touches on the basics in a light hearted way. This is also a great resource for parents and helping kids feel at ease to begin therapy."

Jessica, review for When a Donut Goes to Therapy

"Delightfully illustrated and based on Psalm 23. A perfect read before bedtime time to remind your little one’s of God’s love for them."

Kaila, review for A Lamb Called Loved

"Growing up in foster care, I had to learn that I was loved. It took decades longer than it should have. As a momma (adopted, bio and foster) I think [I Love You When You're Angry] should be given to every parent upon the birth or adoption or acceptance of a foster child into their home. it should be read to every child, in every language, everywhere."

Kerri, review for I Love You When You're Angry

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