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Welcome to Snowfall Publications! I'm Erin Winters.

Author, mom,
Licensed Professional Counselor,
& Founder.

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From funny to serious, from children's books to mental health information, there's something here for you.

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Children's Books

Charming and hilarious, or therapeutic and soothing to the soul - whatever you need, you and your kids are covered.

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Mental Health Guidance

Are you burnt out from wearing ALL the hats and doing ALL the things? If you're looking for some gentle mental health guidance, my blog, parent webinars, and therapeutic resources are a great place to start.

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Speaking Engagements

Whether it's speaking in schools about the craft of writing, reading children's books in libraries, or investing in parents, I love to encourage, educate, and connect!

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The health of Reading
The gremlin in my couch loves books

Be smarter, kinder, happier, and live longer - read a book!

In a 2016 study, book readers were shown to have a 20% “reduction in risk of mortality” over 12 years.

Reading can reduce stress by 68%, and just 6 minutes can calm you by two thirds.

Reading increases empathy, changes brain patterns, and staves off Alzheimers in later life whether the reader is young or old!

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What People are saying

Haley Boone

The Gremlin in my Couch
Charming and never ceases to make me laugh.

Kathryn Hatch

I Love You When You're Angry
Amazing way to help children understand that they are safe to feel and express "negative" emotions. Children that have experienced trauma, in particular, may not understand that they are still lovable when they are feeling these feelings and this book is a beautiful way to help them learn this. I cannot WAIT to share this book with the families that I work with within the child welfare system!
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