The Cost of Humanity

When Enouim accidentally angers the most ferocious of her people’s warriors, Enouim finds herself running for her life…and straight into a mythical quest she is entirely unprepared for.

Despite its many brutal warriors, the society of Gorgenbrild now finds its trade routes cut off by vicious Tribesmen, and the renowned Canukke Topothain is appointed to lead an elite body of warriors after a legendary Stone to turn the tide. Through a series of blunders, waitress Enouim stumbles her way onto the quest under Canukke’s leadership, who is less than enthused to have an unqualified addition to the team.

Enouim’s love of knowledge and fascination with the Stone drives her to fight for her position on the mission and a chance to defend her people. As Enouim faces dangers she never imagined, she is forced to consider that everything she was ever taught about life and honor may be wrong.

Dragon's Kiss

All the village of Kalma knows is that the great black dragon snatches one of their children every month. But seventeen year old Semra was one of those children, and she knows the truth…there is a dragonlord in the mountain, training his own personal syndicate of assassins.

Semra was top of her class, earning mission ready status a full year before her peers. But when she learns that the dragonlord that saved her actually murdered her parents and is using his assassins to execute a coup, she must expose the truth to save the royal family and the other assassin children.

When her friends would rather kill her than listen to her, Semra must act fast to find justice for her parents’ murders and save the kingdom.

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