Children's Books

When a Donut Goes to Therapy

When a donut goes to therapy,

he feels some big emotions.

He learns to breathe in like a wave

and out back to the ocean.

Follow the nervous Donut through the waiting room,
back to meet a therapist, and…wait, are those toys?

Donut is surprised to discover that therapy isn’t all about talking, but somehow after playing, talking, and drawing through feelings, Donut begins to feel better.

I Love You When You're Angry

This heartwarming rhyming book affirms over and over how a parent or caregiver’s love is unconditional. Watch your child’s eyes light up at the adorable animal illustrations, and their worries be calmed by the encouraging reminder that good days and bad days end the same – with an “I love you, now sleep tight!”

I love you when you’re angry

I love you when you’re sad

I love you when we both have days

That try to drive us mad!

The Gremlin in my Couch

There is a gremlin in my couch!

I know because I’ve heard it.

I think it’s come to eat me

And it will if I disturb it!


Fall in love with the whimsical story of the gremlin in the couch who hides deep down in stuffing…and demands that stories be read with all the voices. But something is off with the gremlin…